Multi-utility billing, inside Salesforce

Open the door to new possibilities by choosing Aptumo with Salesforce CRM

This way forward  

Choose both and you’ll benefit from a single data model across your billing and CRM platforms

Finally eradicate your billing and CRM integration headaches with a new zero integration option

Complement and enhance your solution with groundbreaking apps from the Salesforce AppExchange

Choose our dynamic, new billing platform, and software won't hold you back from achieving your goals.

Imagine a world where integration is more than easy, it’s simply not required

Deploy Aptumo customer billing alongside a Salesforce CRM installation, and you’ll be choosing a single data model across your billing and CRM solutions. This means no more tiresome data migrations and no more lengthy integrations. Now that’s fresh thinking.

Aptumo Single Data Model
Aptumo App Exchange

Best in breed vs. ERP: no longer an either/or choice

Best in breed or ERP? Both have advantages, both have constraints. It’s a dilemma many utility companies face as they choose their software solutions. But what if you could have both? What if you could blend the benefits of these approaches together, leaving behind the drawbacks?

With Aptumo, Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce AppExchange this becomes a reality; opening the gateway to a world of technology and innovation to complement and enhance the customer billing process, with thousands of groundbreaking apps native to the Salesforce platform.

More than a billing platform, a world of technology in your hands

It’s time for change, a time for the balance to shift. Let software empower not hinder your ambitions and your customers’ expectations. What awaits? A single data model across the complete customer journey, and a journey enhanced by best in breed technologies; all of which brings you closer to your customers and helps you move forward with momentum.

Ready to transform customer billing?