Aptumo Australia: Major sponsor of VicWater Annual Conference, Melbourne Australia June 2022 

In the wake of a global pandemic that resulted in severe restrictions to travel and introduced us all to social distancing, the theme of this year’s VicWater Annual Conference - “resilience and readiness” – was especially appropriate.

Tony Kelly, director at Aptumo Australia Pty, took to the stage twice during the event to address delegates: once to welcome them with the sponsor’s address, and then taking part in the afternoon session “Digital Water Business – what is digitization and are we ready for it?” 

Tony said:

“The VicWater Annual Conference is an important event in the water sector’s calendar so it was great to be part of it. As a major sponsor, we were able to showcase our best-in-class product and introduce delegates to the billing system that’s been created by the water sector, for the water sector.” 

Aptumo is a cloud-based solution that’s native to the Salesforce platform which means that a water utility that uses Aptumo to service its customers is working with an evergreen product thanks to regular, automatic software updates, and it benefits from the world-class data security measures that are trusted by Salesforce users around the world. It’s a customer rather than property centric solution which enables a more personalized approach to customer engagement, and its reporting and analytics tools are driven by the 3600 billing and payment history that builds up for every customer. 

Matt Bowd, General Manager at Aptumo Australia Pty, added “Many water utilities are still operating legacy CIS systems which can hinder rather than help to provide the level of service customers expect. Aptumo is a configurable solution which, we estimate, allows utilities to handle more than 50% of system change requests in-house compared to existing systems. This level of agility means a utility doesn’t have to rely on continuous vendor support, giving them greater control over how they develop and use Aptumo to suit their customers’ needs.”

During the afternoon session, Damian Wells, MD at Coliban Water, joined Tony on stage. In a joint presentation Damian shared his experiences of working with the Aptumo team on an implementation at Colban Water, while Tony shared vendor insights into the process for delegates who may be looking to update their current billing solution and processes

Back to Tony:

“Digitization is a significant driver in many business strategies today, and the water sector is no different. Rightly, customers expect accurate and timely billing, ways to communicate with their supplier that suit them, and easy access to relevant information if they ever need help or support with their billing or payments. The beauty of Aptumo is that it offers the functionality that a water utility needs to be able to offer this level of service to its customers efficiently and cost effectively.”

If you would like to find out more about Aptumo and how it is helping to revolutionize billing and customer service in the UK, Australia, and North America, contact Matt Bowd.