United States

Aptumo is a next-generation, highly configurable billing and customer information system designed specifically for water utilities and built on the Salesforce cloud platform.

United States

Whether you’re a municipal or investor-owned utility, it’s a cost-effective modern solution for the digital era. Built by the water sector for the water sector, Aptumo was designed from the ground up to meet your service needs and everyday challenges.

Tariff flexibility 

Offer a range of tariffs to suit all your customers’ needs

Meter reading and billing flexibility

Let the customer drive when and how often their meter is read and when they are billed

Customer segmentation

Design information screens around each customer segment

Payment arrangement flexibility

Offer payment breaks, and change customer payment dates and amounts easily

Trade waste

Ability to bill both major and minor trade waste customers

Self-service portal

Deliver convenient digital channels to meet your customers’ expectations

Debt recovery

Build tailored debt recovery strategies quickly and easily to maximise results

Change of occupancy

Minimise customer effort and empower your agents to deliver fast, efficient service

Business intelligence

Drive better insight through in depth and customisable MI and reporting

Powered by South Staffordshire Plc

Aptumo and Echo Managed Services are a part of South Staffordshire Plc, an Arjun and Mitsubishi owned integrated services group that operates two regulated water companies and offers a range of complementary services and products to global water utilities.

With 170-years of water sector experience, the Group offers water utilities market leading services and new innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals and support their customer service ambitions.

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