United Kingdom

Aptumo has been created by a team of water billing experts who have decades of hands-on and strategic planning experience behind them. We understand that different issues affect different markets, and every customer is unique: a one size system, process, or bill, doesn’t fit all.


Specific, user-defined functionalities can be built into every platform. Aptumo can help UK water companies put customers in control of their bills today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Tariff flexibility 

Offer a range of tariffs to suit all your customers’ needs

Meter reading and billing flexibility 

Let the customer drive when and how often their meter is read and when they are billed

Payment plan flexibility

Offer payment breaks, and change customer payment dates and amounts easily

Priority services register

Connect your PSR data and flag customer financial and non-financial vulnerabilities easily

Open water 

An out of the box and proven solution for business water retailers

Customer segmentation

Design information screens around each customer segment

Incorporate meter option and complaint reporting

To reduce hand-offs and allow root cause analysis

County court compatible

Simple download action

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